April 29, 2020

John and Diana, 

Reading your newsletter was exhilarating...seeing how our God has been using your gifts in His kingdom! Living life is learning how to live our lives to radiate Jesus' love to all people. Keep us on your email list. 

Because of Christ, Cookie, (a friend)

Oct. 1, 2019 Jamaica, Catadupa Christian Fellowship Pastor Leroy Gordon where we bring our teams!

Dear John,

Just want to say how much we appreciate the partnership and friendship with you, Diana, the other members of your family and all the groups that you have brought to Catadupa through Servanteers Intl. throughout the years.  My family & yours have the special connection that we continue to enjoy even as we watched the children grow up.

The community of Catadupa has been richly blessed over the many, many years. They continue to benefit from the improved water system, roadways, use of the market & building projects on homes and school.

The market now functions as a community & resource centre as well as an emergency shelter in the case of disaster. Without your input this would not have been possible. Pray for help in finishing other projects that we are now involved in with you. Looking forward to our continued relationship as together we serve in the Kingdom. May God continue to bless you.  

Pastor Lery Gordon, Catadupa Christian Fellowship, Jamaica

Spring 2018 Letter – 

Hello John and Diana, 

We have a team of 25 (a few more males this time), with some new faces and some returning. I wanted to tell you guys thank you for paving the way, laying the foundation and tending the soil. Your many years of love, sacrifice and hard work is the reason we are able to go and serve these lovely people. Thank you. We are grateful and we hope we can be a small blessing to Pastor Leroy and his people. 

We are so grateful for how you helped us blaze that trail and connect us with this wonderful community. I understand the blood, sweat and tears that you have put into Catadupa and I want to honor that. It is a beautiful thing, what you and Diana have started there.

I got a small taste of what it takes to pull off a trip like that and it wiped me out. I appreciate all that you did to make that trip happen for us and the many many years you have gone before to build the relationship and connections with the beautiful people there. We were so blessed by the amazing hospitality and love of Pastor Leroy and the people in Catadupa.  

In His Grip, Pastor Lindsey, Ft. Collins, CO

Participants affirmations

I brought a group from our church to Jamaica in March 2019. It was an amazing experience where we were able to help with building projects at a church, a school and a residence. We were immersed in the culture and really got to know and understand the people and develop relationships that go on today. We saw things that we would never see as tourists and experience all that God is doing in Catadupa and the surrounding area. Would highly recommend this trip/experience with Servanteers Intl. to any organization that wants to serve the Lord and grow closer to Him through their experience.

Mike Nelson
Short-term mission trip coordinator
Alliance Church
Mountain Lake, Minnesota


I've been a professional youth pastor for 23 years, and of the dozens of mission’s experiences for my teens, our 2 trips with Servanteers Intl. tops the list! The projects we worked on were meaningful and life changing. Working alongside the citizens of Catadupa was richly rewarding and gave us a sense of unity in purpose. Our hosts were well prepared and always gracious in meeting our needs. The overnight trip to the beach gave us all the chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island. Working with the children everyday as we taught Vacation Bible School is something we will never forget. Servanteers does all the "heavy lifting" so you can just participate in the mission alongside your team. They even help provide a structure of daily devotionals, prayer times, and worship experiences that make Jesus the center of your ministry.  I would recommend Servanteers Intl. to any church or youth group!

Erin Foster – Youth Pastor - Fort Collins, Colorado


My trip to Jamaica was filled with cultural experiences, hard work and a lot of fun. Spending time with other guys serving beside me was great, with good laughs and fellowship. The staff at Catadupa were incredible. They treated us like family and I especially got a kick out of how the food was announced at every meal. My biggest take away was we made a huge difference in people's lives. We poured a concrete roof and floor for Anna's home, built a road, fencing, a sports court fence, and other projects around the church. It’s too easy to go through life and just focus on myself so this trip helped me to get over myself and serve others. The Catadupa experience was awesome, Servanteers Intl and John Sanny did a great job and made the trip productive both physically and spiritually. If you feel lead at all don't sit on the sidelines of life. Go to Catadupa with Servanteers Intl. The village will be blessed and even more so yourself.

God’s grace,

Joel Peterson

President Sunrise Remodelers

It was a privilege and honor to go to Catadupa, Jamaica with John & Diana Sanny. Their strong relationships with the people there made it easy to connect quickly. Our team was able to help create a water catchment system and pour concrete for the foundation of a new school building. I absolutely loved my experience and the people we met in Jamaica! Thank you John & Diana for being awesome leaders and making it possible to go and serve alongside such beautiful people!

Lorie Sauro – St. Paul, MN

Servanteers Intl. and the people of Catadupa made such a huge impact in my life! I WOULD GO AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT! John & Diana were incredible by supporting and praying with us every step of the way. My team helped build a water catchment system, where we learned the importance of serving together in unity. A highlight for me was teaching and playing with children during VBS week! There was such an amazing desire in the Jamaican children’s hearts to learn more about Jesus. Plus, the beauty of Jamaican mountains makes God’s marvelous presence so very known! I would strongly encourage anyone considering the trip to take a leap of faith and go, you won’t regret it!

Naomi van Liere – Lethbridge, Alberta

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